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Botany Bay On Sunday


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Howdy to all ,

Today , Dad (flightmanager) and I hit the Bay and were greeted at the ramp by a queue of boats . It was chockas ,and when we finally got the boat in the water it decided to turn windy and get really choppy and it would have been ok but the fish weren't on the bite at Molly Point , so we decided to head to the refinery , but still nothing , so over to the third run way with us and still nothing ! :( So i decided to try my luck with my new rod and try trolling, and hey presto :yahoo: a tailor!! After that Dad thought he'd give trolling a go , so we were trolling towards the refinery , and something took my line , burnt my finger and then busted me off :ranting2: , and then nothing for a little while .Tried again at the refinery , but once again , nothing. We went to go to Molly Point , but stopped when the fish finder started going nuts , so we dropped a line , and Dad pulled in a baby snapper , followed shortly after by a flat head that he got up to the boat, but it spat his hook out , and then just continuous nibbles and baiting . Then finaly we reached Molly Point , and we got 4 red rock cod and a black rock cod , and then a rock that swallowed our anchor :ranting2: and then we called it stumps , packed up and came home. Here is a pic of the Tailor :



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soz to say but flightmanager that looks like a very top day looks like those days u get one a blue moon dun kno if that is chopy mate.

Still congrats on that tailor while trolling a very good and handle method is to troll


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