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Broadbill Charters - That's Gold Again


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Fishing report on Billfisher for Monday and Tuesday…..21/8/06

Firstly thanks to all the "Raiders" for your kind return comments on our reports…we are very proud to be sponsors. As charter boat captains both Glenn and myself appreciate it…You see we too have our bad days when the fish aren't there and we don't like not catching fish for our customers but as long as we go to sea there are going to be bad days…that's why they call it "Fishing and not catching" I guess.

Well the good news is that Billfisher had another great week on the yellowfin (see some of the pics with more to come)….The secret is staying out there until 6.30 pm that is when the bite comes on.

It is very much a test of patience but isn't that what it's all about.

On Monday and Tuesday Glenn caught 13 tuna for the two days and left them biting.

Please beware of weather as on Tuesday Glenn encountered a 25 knot sou' wester and was down to 6 knots and copping a pounding on the way home and that's in a 40 Cairns custom craft. In a trailer boat it would have been frightening so get that weather right "Raiders". We want you all back safe and sound.

Have a good weekend and we hope you end up with "Ape Arms" from having them stretched by tuna.

Ross and Glenn Hunter





Ahhh excellent stuff and so nice to see a woman amongst them :thumbup::biggrin2:

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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