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Hawkesbury River


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headed out this morning at a gentlemans hour with my uncle to discover certain parts of the hawkesbury(new mulloway spots) and have a little attenpt at picking up a fish.

my uncle comes uptight on his fisrt cast brings up a solid flattie to the boat only to lose it at the boat due to inexperience. would have been between 50-60cm.

good news for the social i managed two good runs that i know were good jew runs only to come up empty handed on both occasions.

although we did manage to bag a 3-4kg or 75cm soapie which my uncle caught and i got myself a solid bream on plastic at gunya which suprised the hell out of me as i have never caught a bream on plastic before quite happy.

did manage to find a couple of spots that i set out to find, so very excited about that.

finally whilst looking for these spots i ran aground on dead motherless low. didn t see any nav poles due to the sun found it very amusing jumping in and pushing it out.

hoping a couple of pics will follow. will post em if i get em

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G`day Fellas ,

Heya James , Son no 2 was at Spencer On Monday , and also got a small jew about the 12 lb mark .

But they had a ball trying out some new outfits , and especially catching a heap of bream in secret spots 1 And 2 .

He also lost an absolute stonker Bream , when A chemicaly sharpened hook snapped at the base of the bend , not happy Jan !!.

They had quite a memorable day actually , with the only hiccup comming when he was spooled by a conger eel in spot no 2 .

The day however was not over , because they were chatted up by some holidaying dollies whilst cleaning their catch back at the ramp , and as you do , phone No`s were exchanged , and the Lads Shall return .


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I am really looking forward to the jewie social. Thats a top effort mate. I am gonna do the same over the next few weeks and attempt to find some spots and fish

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havn t been able to get hold of those pics yet but your not missing out on to much.

will try and get em anyhow.

it was good to see life in the water and wasn t to concerned on what i got.

just wanted to get out there and try a few different things and see what happened.

i personally think it was a good day invested on the water.

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Sounds like a great day out James ( with the possible exception of running out of water!! :) ) . Did you take note of what the water temp was ?


Around Dnagar it was about 16.5

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