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Sydney Harbour


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Hi there,

Headed out on Saturday early morning from Tunks Pk, weather didn't look to nice, had troubles getting livies from our usual spots, also tried Watson's Bay. Thought about heading out to Colours but swell was a bit uncomfortable so headed over to Quarantine head were a large group of birds were working the water. Flicked around a lure for a while, but couldn't get on :mad3: . Finaly got a nice Slimy (kept for bait).

then headed over to Middle Head anchored up, within a few mins of the bait hitting the bottom, :thumbup: one rod went off, nice little red just under size, then 4 more of the same were brought in. Then my rod went of Nice flattie definately a keeper :yahoo: , Ended up with 2 nice flatties and 2 big flounders. also had some fun with a large shovel nose and very large about 1m PJ. :biggrin2:

All in all a good day out. Didn't take any pics on one of the PJ was to busy :1fishing1:

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