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Yellowfin And Marlin Close In?


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If the currents and others factors push close enough in then yeah, at the right time of the year off course. Must be a dedicated SST watcher, if bait and water is there, then for sure.

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They get them off the rocks at the Tubes still to this day on the right day, so people must. They may not be on here, but i bet my bottom dollar they do. Ive caught them only Km's utside sydney heads

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Last year my dad and I were fishing for dolphinfish around the gong fad and saw a marlin

get hooked right near the fad on a small pusher.On another day we also found a patch of bait around

1km from the fad,but we didn't have any live baits to troll and couldn't catch one

from the bait ball so we trolled two squidgy jellybabies and had a double strike on small

black marlins,but not long after the hook ups both fish threw the hooks.We have also seen them

free jumping around the gong reef.

Any of the close in reefs will produce marlin during summer you just have to find the bait schools.

These days yellowfin are a hit and miss fish in close.You have a much better chance near the

shelf,but even there they arn't easy to catch.This years fin season is an exception,but most of the time

the fin seasons are pretty poor going on the last few that we've had.

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The fisheries fad is about 11km out from Bass Island off Port Kembla.

Check on the fisheries website for when it is put back out,I think it's

around November.The GPS marks are there too.

Wollongong reef is around 6km out.

There is also a waverider buoy about 8km out.

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thanks alot for the info i might just be able to get to the wave rider buoy if it is the best of days as i have a 4.10mt tinnie which can get abit wet some days rekon i can get that far with a tinnie dat small with a 30hp yamaha 2stroke

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Hi Kabs,

I would be very careful going out that far in a small tinnie.

The weather can turn very fast and if it does you could have a long trip home or even worse not make it home.

I have been caught out in some bad weather and just made it back in with the boat nearly tipping a few times. On one of the days it was calm when heading out and the forecast predicted good winds but the SW kicked in and the 8.5 km trip took me 2 hours.

I would not risk it in a 4.1 metre tinny

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I have seen boats that size at wave rider,wollongong reef and the fad but

I wouldn't advise going that far out as it would be a long and dangerous

trip back if the wind came up as it usually does unless it was an exceptionally calm day.

You can still catch marlin in close just find any reefs that hold bait

and troll some livies.Also if you come across some bait even if it's

not near any structure work it over with livies or lures,you never

know what you'll pull out.

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Guest Big-Banana

I pick my days in a 7m boat, in a 4.1 you would have to be very ballsy to go that wide. Take the proper precautions if you do.

As netic said he had a very close experience with near disaster. The sea always wins...

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