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Lets Talk Australian Bass


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:1welcomeani: Hello all i am a new member of Fishraider, and would like to get the Bass Bug biteing. With the start of spring comes the start of the bass season. Some keen angulars chase them all year round in brackish water.

I target a few different types of fish, like Mulloway or hairtail even John dory during the winter months.

Back to the bass!.

I would like to ask of any good baits/Lures that would be worth giving a go and any good stories you may have to get everyone extra keen. Common you Bass fishman your 5c.

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:1welcomeani: BigD

YES, lets.... always.... :biggrin2:

Although, a topic is currently running... Let's do it again.... :tease:

Bass Discussion

My favourite lure is the Kokoda Bat.... Fished in close to the bank in the shadows under tree branches have been the most successful for me.


Also... this little fella I picked up from Ebay has done the trick for me...


I'm by no means a "Bass Fisherman" but I do love my Bass'n.

Here's some pics to get those "juices" flowing....

This is heading up into the Nepean Gorge... The second best thing about Bass fishing (after the Bass) is the locations you get to in search of them... "How's the serenity"... :biggrin2:


Here's some "Bassy Pics" from last year... Can't wait to do it again in the coming months... :yahoo:



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Its good to see the Bass blood boiling, I have heard of the Lane Cove too, but i have also heard you have to work your butt off to get in the action. My mate says the Bass action is always (Best in the West!!) But the Dam bass kick butt too. I have really got into the soft plastics and even home made poppers and large flys last season.

Also thanks for your input mottyman there some nics pic's there. I have heard we have alot of green weed and low water levels at the moment? Any chance of some nice rain to flush out the system and bring some new fish our way.

Common who's going to do the rain dance ?? :yahoo:

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Sensational photos The_Lure. :biggrin2:

Congrats on some lovely captures there mate, you must be very happy with those... :thumbup::thumbup:

only 1 is me :) but i have plenty more bass shots, i just think those ones signify why i love going bass fishing, the stunning locations and wildlife.

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