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Stop Press - Stickers Are Here

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stickers look great sammy and the boats not too shabby either :thumbup:

i have one of those rocket launchers too, i didnt use the screws that came with it, i riveted the pieces together and used heavier SS bolts to mount it.

the only rod ever lost was when someone put a rod in a holder that they loosened first and moved it to 45 deg. :1prop::1prop:

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Will there be any stickers left for sale at the Jewie social?

100th post just noticed :biggrin2:

Well done Evil on your 100th :biggrin2:

The stickers will be avaiable at the Social on the Sunday at the weigh in :thumbup:

Cheers Stewy

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I am down in the gong, is there any chance you could mail 2 to me, I can send the money how you wish and will obviously include postage.



Sure, we can work something out Ben. Anyone going to the jew social can grab them there. Anyone else who needs stickers can pm me and we can organise something.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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