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Sydney 16th/17th


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Hi All Raiders

Just a quick report on this weekends fishing trip me and my mate TJ

Launched from tunks park at about 9.30 sat night to get livies for sunday fish

first serious fish for the season chasing kings

Chased squid around the spit bridge slow to start then the tide turned and on they come had a dozen in the livie tank in about 2 hours and they where all monsters smallest was 20cm in body length then

rolled the swag out in the 5 m tinnie a got some sleep woke u freezin and decide to case some yakas it was about 3.30 am sunday morning by this stag went back to the spit with hand lines and prawns fished the shad line under the bridge had 1/2 dozen in the tank in an hour but same problem as the squid they were all huge

not a small one to be found

cooked some breky on the bbq and watched the sun rise sent 2 squid down and trolled around the moorings for no result headed out to north head where the boats were chasing the sambos around pulled up to have a look when down the school went all the boats took off to where birds were working just inside the head we decided to head to blue fish point just as we start to take off up come another school of fish throw out the raiders and TJ s on i kept casting until 4 clowns in a small tinnie drove straight over the school and they were gone TJ was still fighting the fish we use 5 foot bait caster with abu reals and 15lb braid after a good couple of runs up pops a 46cm bonnie in te kill tank

slow trolled squid to blue fish point for no result again drifted aroung blue fish for a while for a lot leather jackets and baby reds all reds went back

we then slow trolled two of the horse yakas we had back to north head when we arrived inside retrieved what i thought was an untouched yaka only to find him and my hooks gone no scream from the reel nothing 80lb trace with a clean cut put it down to a shark

headed back to the spit to cook some breky sent down the last remaining live squid just as we start to hammer our egg n sausage sandwiches the ratchet screams in pain i grab the rod only to have it go limp as i pic it up missed it :ranting2: hung around for a little while for more baby reds and a nice bream

headed for home at noon all in all not the best or worst day fishing but some promising signs for summer

So Much For The Quick Report

Cheers Miller

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bad luck on the kingie front man, but sounds like it was a great time out there on the water, especially with how nice the weekend was weather wise.

cheers for the squid spot mate didnt really know you could get em under the spit bridge.


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