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i am heading down to Narra lakes tommorow and if i don't get anything there i was going to head to narrabeen beach with a raider and spin for salmon and tailor..... i will be using a 2-4kg nexave, symetre 2500 and 4lb finns..... i know this is not ideal for beach fishing but i thought i may aswell give it a go..... all i will have is 1 20gm raider, SP's (heavyest jig head is 1/4 oz), a few HB that i wont use in the surf and that is it..... what am i likley to get in the surf and what am i likley to get casting over near the rocks ? will my gear be up to it (i can get about 50-70m with the radier is that far enough ? ) ?and anything else i should know about spinning from the beach as this is my first time

Thank You :thumbup:


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Your gear isn't ideal for a beach session, but it should still put you in with a chance.

I recall earlier this year catching a 2.5kg salmon off Murramarang beach (South Coast) using a 6' Daiwa Procaster-X with a Stradic 2500 spooled with 4lb fireline - also spinning with a metal slice. The surf was extremely rough that day and I had only really thrown the lure out to prove to my buddy that he was full of shit when he had claimed (one minute earlier) that he had been bitten off by something big.

Guess he was right and I was wrong!! :05:

Only advice I would give is that you need to be sure that your lure is sinking beneath any whitewater that is about, otherwise the fish won't be able to see it. Pick clear green water and throw the slice at that, or alternatively use the lure like a jig (i.e. let it sink to the bottom under the white water and then jig it back up).

Salmon and tailor are pretty much all you can expect when using a metal slice off the beach, but I guess a flattie might also have a go.

You never know though!!

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I broke a Daiwa Procaster X the same as yours in July spinning a metal slice which was too heavy, 30grams.

The last 2 years I have travelled down south to fish for Salmon with Bream gear off the beach, I love it.

I found Salmon hiding in amoungst the boulders next to the rocks in about a metre of water, SP's were useless as they snagged, but metal slices did the damage. Off the sandy beach bass minnows in blue pearl on an 1/8 round head worked a treat in the white water. The Salmon were cruising up and down the beach, we fished the gutters and holes, but always with white water.

There were seals and dolphins around so I think that's why they were under cover or in amongst the boulders.

4 lb is a lot of fun, use an 8 lb leader with a drag of just under 2 lb. Be patient, you can't bully a Salmon on that gear.


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