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great photos mate where is steve now

cheers robert

Sorry Quinfish, not sure who you mean there . You might have me mixed up with someone else.


That's a cute lookin croc, I think she was smiling at you.

Yeah Rob we had them beside the boat as well where you could pat them. They sure are sneaky buggers as they would just appear.

One quick story, we were fishing a drain with livies for Barra and two Crocs were hanging around, I cleaned a couple of Jacks and Blue Salmon which we were going to have for tea in the boat and would dump the Frames etc further away from where we were fishing as not to encourage them. I wanted to wash the fillets before packing them in the esky as well as the cleaning board. Because I had my head down cleaning for a while I asked the Fellows where are the crocs."Yep one is on the Mud bank over there and one is about 20mts behind the boat in station"was the reply. So I stepped out on the duck board/step, head down and proceeded with my duties. Stuck my head up at one stage and about 5mts away, right behind me was another one just looking at me......... Lucky she was only a couple meters long,a little one...Lucky she was ONE of the CUTE ones and not a UGLY one.


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