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Kings !


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i am going to have another attemp at getting one of the big cowan creek reident hoodlums before they head out offshore..... i have tried live bait, jigging, SP, HB dead and strip baits with no luck i havn't tried trolling live baits..... can anyone give me some tips on trolling live baits for these guys ? ..... i dont have a downrigger (yet :ranting2: ) so im not sure how i can get the baits down..... these are no rats these are BIG kings so i spose big live squid will work well ? and do i need a teasr of some sort ? these guys are really shy so any tips to help me land them would be great..... and is it worth keeping one for the table ?

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Kings in the cowan?? mmmm thats news to me, has anybody here every caught a king in the cowan??

kings are in cowan quite often (usually in the deeper bays) mostly rats but i have found a spot that are holding kings up to 15kg ! ..... there around in winter as they take shelter there..... ill have alook at that post mondo

thanks guys

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mate im pretty sure if you look hard enough you will find em there.

they are extremely hard to entice and even harder to bring up.

if you have a look at the lure fishing records wackos 97cm kingy was caught in cowan and his mate pete with the spotted mackeral on the same day.

im pretty sure they were taken on fly.

good luck mate they are there if your patient you will find mostly bigger ones down there so be prepared.

dont know where those rats are that your talking bout fletch they are extremely hardd to catch in cowan there in pittwater

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