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Back On The Waitemata


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Well, I'll bet its been 3 months since I had a fish :( , so as it was my first RDO and the weather has been great I finally launched the 10 footer in at Browns Bay to head out for a fish.


Still early in the season for snapps here and in hind sight should have taken some burley with me...........but I never do so out I went .... beautiful calm morning , so I was able to plane all the way to my pozzie

Once there, threw some squid down and not a bite ........for ages.....this is why I shoulda brought the burley.

To be honest I also took another rod that I was tossing SPs with as I am still to catch a fish on them and wasnt paying too much attention to my bait rod. I did actually get a bite tho... Eventually I was able to bring this baby up from 10metres


I was just happy to be FINALLY back out on the water and glad I could give my Aunt and Uncle a feed for dinner...... ( I've never tried fish ) :wacko:

Cheers, Clutch

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