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Cowan Flatties Sat 30th


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Hey Guys,

Finally got our "new" 4.5 Steber into he water for a test run and a test fish, put in at ATB about 6.30am, drove around for a bit just getting the feel of the boat before starting a drift in close on the eastern side noth of Cottage Point.

Had usual baits, prawns, squid and Mullet strips and a range of soft plastics, Neither Jeff or myself had ever caught anything on the plastics before so we were a bit sceptical.

We should not have been woried though, four nice flathead, three on black/silver thingies that Starlo & Bushie said would work did.

Once we got the technique set we had a ball, the four were keepers, I dropped one at the boat and Jeff had two smaller (not legal) specimens.

Biggest was 60 cm, 2 x 45 cm and one was 40 cm.

Then the wind buggared the rest of the day.

Going out again today, taking the lovely wives for a skid, around lunch time, more a sight seeing deal, to get some brownie points then it's full steam ahead.

Go the soft plastics.


Geoff :1prop:

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Hey All, just got back from the trip with the wives, more bloody wind, I reckon worse than yesterday, got Whiting, Braem & tailor, nothing too exciting.

We kept them alive and couldn't be bothered (the wind was s'house) so we jetted them and they all lived happily ever after.

The wives love us, the prawns and steak are ready for tonite and I am gonna fall asleep in front of the footy (No Bloody Saints)

Anyways we had a great weekend of fishing with family and friends, caught fish and no one got killed, that in my book is a success.


Geoff :1prop::1prop:

P>S The MSB were doing boat safety checks at ATB, love it, I think there should be more of it, thay had some real dicks there with no life jackets etc, good on the MSB.

So did you end up doing any bait fishing?? Well done on the catch...

Yes, but no success, we drifted aross Patonga and got zip, tried the plastcis for zip as well, I think we were too far out from the beach, but the wind screwed up the drift anyways.


Geoff :1prop::1prop:

P.S Thanks to all the well wishers about our catch, we were pretty happy as well!!!

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