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Ep's @ Berowa Creek

Bream Mad

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Headed to crosslands on the Berowa Creek at 2pm today to catch the last of the incoming tide. The park was packed with long weekenders so much that so that all my normal spots were taken with bait soakers :thumbdown: So i decided to head upstream along the track to sus out a new spot. Found a serious rock face vertical into the water and rigged up a watermelow bass minnow. Second cast a flash of silver and I am on to a nice bream :thumbup: I winch him up the rock face he's about 23cm and perform a submarine release from about 5m above the water. The spot is freaking me out and i feel like i am going to fall over the edge so i move upstream further till i find a large rock jutting out into the current. As i work the plastic back towards the rock it sudenly starts falling, and falling and falling :1yikes: When it finally hits the bottom it down at least 6m :1fishing1: Then i feel a :bump0ee: and up comes my first ever EP, only a small fellow but just beautiful . Two casts later and another bump yeilds a fantastic EP of 33cm :yahoo: I am stoked, and it just goes to show you what a bit of exploring can yeild!!!

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