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Sydney Harbour 7/10


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Went out to fish early Saturday Morning, and went straight to Nth Head where the Salmon have been schooling all week. Not much action (for me anyway) as the amount of boats constantly moving across and ontop of the school drove them deep and further up the head and off shore. :ranting2:

Never the less, headed off to catch some livies at Balmoral, when to my amazement was surrounded by a pod of Dolphins. Bugger fishing, i was in awe for an hour as these mammals swan around the shore and seemed to follow us around. Took some snaps, Lots actually. Amazing to see these creatures in our harbour, just shows how clean and fruitful our harbour is getting.

QUESTION though: Is it true that when you see Dolphins where your fishing, you may as well pack up and move on, as this means that all the big fish have been scared away, or is this just bullshit. ?

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