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Port Kembla


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Hi guys,

Went out on a mates boat on saturday for a morning session to find the ramp chockers with cars and boats everywhere.

Once we got out we trolled various lures around for a while for zilch.

Proceeded to drift around the surrounding reefs for a couple of solid hookups but none were landed, we suspect some solid mowies.

From the chased a school of sambos around but one boat kept ploughing through the middle so in the end we gave up due to the idiot ruining everyones fun.

Did a couple of drifts near the wollongong lighthouse and picked up some wrasse and to huge mowie, my mate caught just about everything.

Will post the photos of the mowie later if i can find my camera cable.

All in all it was a good day on the water with no wind in the morning and next to no seas to deal with.

The only downer was the fact we had to wait around an hour to pull the boat out due to a fishing comp which was the reason for all the cars and boats.

Go lowndsie



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hey mate good report and atleast u got a few. Look forward to seeing the mowie, they are nice eating and have caught heaps around where you said.



yeah its not a bad spot there on the drift, we got heaps of assorted reef junk but nothing really special (kingies).

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yeah need to troll or fish with yakkas around those islands like i said but I'm no expert around that area i fish more from fairy meadow to Bulli. Can't wait to start fishing stanwell and coalcliff when i get the new boat

least ya got a feed though mate


to tell you the truth we didnt even try yakkas, we were pretty slack and didnt bother catching any, wont make that mistake again thats for sure. Where do you launch the boat to fish from fairy meadow to bulli, stanwell,coalcliff if you dont mind me asking

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Nice Mowie there KTID.

Great Sunrise photo to ~ they come up every morning and only Mab Dogs and Fisherman enjoy them.

Might put a couple of Sunrise and Sunset photos up in the General photos.......... So I don't hijack the thread. Sorry KTID.


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