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Narra Lagoon

Sir Battler

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Just a quicky to see how narra lagoon is fishing at the moment. was thinking about a whiting session around the mouth on the weekend. Any ideas as to when it was lat open?

G'day SirBattler.

I fished the lake today for one lonely flattie (45cm) and a smallish bream (both released).

it seems the lake is still waking up but the fish are in there..just gotta get 'em hooked!

Hooked a bloody big stingray there last week and it peeled all my line off before I managed to stop him,

so be careful wading at the moment.(wear something on your feet) There are quite a few in there.

The entrance is still undergoing sand dredging on the eastern side of the Ocean St bridge so access is difficult at the moment.

You can still fish the western side of the bridge in front of the caravan park as they haven't started

dredging there yet.

The entrance is currently closed while they do the dredging. It was last open about a month ago but didn't last very long before naturally closing again.

It's hoped after they finish taking the sand away to Collaroy Beach, the entrance will stay open longer.

Good luck on the whiting. There have been a few locals getting a few here and there lately.



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Sir Battler

Try up the back along the wakehurst parkway. Near the big memorial plaque about half way to the fitness camp. Everyone talks about the fornt near the caravan park though I grew up on that lake and always did really well up the back. Jan/feb there are monstwer flathead or should I say crocodiles up there.



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