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Sydney Kings 19/10/06


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Hey all, after a call from Crazy John saying we should go fishing decided to go out to the harbour and chase some kings.

HIt the water after lunch, caught some yakkas and headed straight for the heads, Done the southern run whilst keeping a good eye on the sounder, was told earlier in the week that some kings are holding up south of the heads.

reached about 3-4 kms down and spotted a bait ball on the sounder.

Got the downrigger set and dropped down a yakka, within 30 seconds the rod goes off, johns on to a king, after a few minute fight a 80cm king is boated.

we continued to work this area and got 13 kings, 2 x around 80cm, 5 around 70cm and the rest were around 50-65cm.

We eventually ran out of yakkas and decided to head home after a good day on the water, actually it was more like 2 hours then a day.

Heres some pics

more pics

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Those Kingies are great! I had the day off today and was contemplating about going out to chase some kingies aswell..... but I didn't decided to stay home with the :wife: (hand brake).

Who's kicking himself now :mad3:

Well done mate.

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Top bag of kings guys.

Nice looking boat too.

It's a shame the weather looks

crappy for the weekend.Hopefully

the change will come early so it eases

off enough for a fish on sunday.

Would love to have a crack at the kings.

WELL DONE :thumbup:

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seeing that makes me happy in my pants

Mate i think this is a same school i was telling you about a month or so ago, they have just worked there way up a bit.

The good thing about these kings was that they were offshore kings, nice and fat little things, much fatter then normal, ordinarly a 77cm king would weigh around 3.5 kg to 4.0kg, this one of them weigh 5.2 kg at that length, much heavier then normal and clearly obvious when looking at it.

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Hey Netic and Crazy John,

A little birdy told me that you guys didnt take

any photos while on board fishing bcoz,

someone was busy calling his mate Ralph :puke:

nearly the whole time you were out there,

Was my little birdy right?

John looks to have recovered well in that 1st photo.

:bleh: penguin

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