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Hawks Nest

Steve Mc

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G'day all.

I have been reading this website for a long time now and thought I should start to add something as I have taken plenty.

In the recent school holidays I went to Hawks Nest with the wife and my 2 boys and our friends for a bit of kayak, boat and beach fishing.

1sy day we headed to the beach for a swim and as I usually do I took the rod and tackle box just in case. While I was standing there staring out to sea thinking how good life was, I spotted a dark patch that I thought was weed. Then the weed started to move. When a nice+_+_)ave came up I saw that it wasn't weed but salmon. Beach goers must have thought I was mad as I bolted towards my gear. I tied on a 50g metal lure with hands shaking and started heaving it at the school. Bear in mind that I have caught 1 salmon in my life, most of my fishing is in the fresh, anyway after about 15 casts landing right behind the school and dragging my lure through them and getting nothing, I thought they just weren't interested. Next cast though the reel started to scream (just like on all those DVD's I watch over and over). After a minute it slowed then a few pumps later it was off again. I couldn't believe how much fun I was having. The fight lasted about 15 minutes or so until I finally got it in the shallows and then I realised why it fought so well, I jagged it in the side. So things were going well but this is where I made my big mistake. My mate who was with me all the way, said "do you want me to grab the line?" , I answered "if you can grab the 20lb leader you can", because you see before we went to the beach I already had 8lb leader attached to my 6lb fireline and I thought maybe a chance of a big flattie at the beach so I will just add some 20lb to the end to save the 8lb for later. Well you can probably guess what happened, he reached down and grabbed the 8lb and the load on my rod disappeared. My mate felt bad and everyone felt sorry for me but I couldn't get the smile off my face. It was such great fun.

(Sorry I have crapped on for so long. I will try to shorten the rest up)

Over the next few days I went back and managed to actually land one. 68cm on a metal slice. My 7 year old got one (65cm) all on his own with a surf popper attached just above a pilchard. The my wife and 9 year old got one (68cm est) together on a pilchard (theirs was released).

Besides that we caught plenty of flatties, bream, luderick and mullet during the week.

It was such a great week.



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good stuff mate

I was up there second week of the holidays, it is such an aweseome spot. If you go into the pizza shop at Hawkes Nest, they had some photos of a guy that landed two massive jews 2 days in a row off the beach over the weekend of the full moon (6/7th oct).

They would have been close to 5ft each

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Getting into the beach salmon eh? The kids must have loved it!

Pound for pound they fight as hard as any fish in the ocean I reckon - top report and pics.

When they're fussy like that it often pays to switch to a much smaller lure - as small as you can.

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i was at hawks nest in the holidays

2nd week

i tried slices from both surf beech and jimmys beach but not a touch

nice salmon! i wish i coulda got sum :thumbdown:

but i agree tho... hawks nest is a great place and im sure to go bak

Lurespinner, I have just about given up on Jimmys beach . I have fished that beach so many times over the last 3 years for bugger all. The house we stay at (my aunty's) is just behind Jimmys so I often walk over there with a rod and a few plastics but I NEVER get anything. I'm sure the netters get most of what is out there. Last year I saw about 15 utes completely full of still flapping fish come from Jimmys. Made me mad.

The best places this time were near the little shortcut that takes you out into the main bay where we got quite a few good flatties plus a few undersized models and we caught plenty of good sized bream, blackfish and mullet up at Bombah Point near the car ferry.

Mondo, the kids did love it, nearly as much as me and I probably should have tried a smaller lure, I will remember that next time.

Big-Banana, yep an Eels fan. Maybe next year hey.(When will I stop saying that?) :1prop:

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