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H.c Bay Fire Up!


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G'day Raiders.

Coollamon was desperate for a fish. On msn last night, at 11.30pm mind you, he wanted to go. Settle down I said. Why don't we hit H.C Bay at the ungodly hours of 1.30pm to 3.30pm. :074:

So the plan is set & off we go. I was watching the barometer rise all last night & today & was confident the fish would be on the chew. :biggrin2:

I tie on a bass minnow & after checking out his tackle box suggest a 50mm squidgy fish with a pink paddle tail. ' The Flatties love 'em' I say,' & the big Bream will scoff them to'.

Well wouldn't you know it. 1st cast & a 35cm Flattie smashes his placcy in full view. :thumbup: Smiles all round! 3rd cast & he gets bitten off by another & next cast lands one of the same size. 2 casts later & he's into another lizard! Bloody hell! I'm the one that's supposed to know what they're doing & I'm fishless!

Getting the poops with Flatties, I decide to move. ( nothing to do with being outfished! )

I decided to we'd cast near an overhanging tree. Again first cast, after 2 twitches, John gets smashed! ZZZZZ! Now this is a good fish! :thumbup: It gives him plenty before he leads it into 1 of Wattos new environets & we have a new p.b for John. A fat 38cm to the fork Bream! :yahoo: Woohooo.

Right, enough of this! We head to where I wanted to be be for the turn of the tide & I start to even up the ledger. 1st cast & a nice Bream & next cast 1 a bit smaller. We poled them & the highlight was a 70 cm Flattie for me that went nuts in the shallow water. :yahoo:

The bite slowed so we moved to another spot & scored a couple of more fish before it was time to head home. We ended up with 12 fish, 5 Bream & 7 Flatties for our 2.5hr session. Top fishing!

Thanks for the company John & a big congrats on the p.b! I had a great time chewing the fat & we had heaps of laughs. You can fish with me anytime!

Here's the pics of the days best fish.



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:thumbup: Top session and great company what more can you ask for?

well a pb bream and and a handfull of flatties great stuff :yahoo::yahoo:

thanks heaps Grant for introducing me to such an awesome area and style of fishing


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:1yikes: Great session, fellas! :thumbup::yahoo: I managed a 63cm flattie myself today - lost two others the same size at my feet... Damn 4lb trace! :biggrin2: Lovely PB, coolamon. Well done on the big lizard, Grant! High tide, murky water and a riding barometer are always good! 38cm fork... Wow!


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Top Session Guys :thumbup:

Great Bream there mate 38cm and fat as :biggrin2:

HC Bay realy goes off, i will have to come over a give it a go, sooner rather than later.

I fished practically the same time but at my EP spot for a big fat donut, had many small bream follow the plastic, but they would not even touch it on the pause :thumbdown:

Well done again


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