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Someone Stole My Work Laptop!


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Some low life bastard has stolen my bag containing my work Laptop, 250 dollar sunnies, USB key, Head phones and my MCSE study books.

So if any knows anyone with a new IBM Thinkpad X31 with APC barcodes on the lid let me know!! they cant even use it cause it has a BIOS lock on it!!

rrrrr makes me angry that someone woould actually steal someones personal belongings like that, dirty bloody low lifes...

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that sucks mate, and unfortunately most crims know how to get around password protection in a matter of minutes.

karma will catch up with them sooner or later :bash:

Mate, bad luck.

If it was an opportunistic thief, they will have no idea about the BIOS password, so I would be contacting a few of the local PC shops and letting them know about it in case someone brings a thinkpad in saying they forgot the password.

Good luck with it mate.


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hey thats not a bad idea about the computer shops...

I dont think most thiefts would have any idea about BIOS passwords as they are uneducated low life morons, there is two ways to unlock it but i am definately not going post it up...i really hope they rot in hell, so angry!! its not just the laptop im angry about, they took my whole backpack which has little things which are worth alot to me like years of study, study books, sunnies, headphones etc, if there any thieves out there reading this post take a good long hard look at yourself....work hard and youll get what you want without stealing it...

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