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Pt. Stephens


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Hope that you have a good week up there and I look forward to reading any reports that you have when you get back as I am heading up that way in the new year and I would like to know what is on offer up that way.


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Guest IFishSick.

I too hope to be going up at the end of the year. See how everything plans out. Hope to catch and release a few Marlin. He He He

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yeh i will be heading up there also on 11th November till 18th November. Staying there for a week =) So going straight after my hsc lol i cant wait till i go.

Is landbased fishing at port stephens any good? or is all the action in port stephens only on charters?

PS. If u wanna meet up PM me



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Ref my origional post , here is a summary of the trip

Wed , Arrived 1.30pm , 20 - 30 knot N/E :1yikes:

Thur. Same , but managed to launch Neil's boat (he wanted to give it a run), & find a reasonable location . Picked up 2 small Flounder & 6 "just" Whiting. :thumbup:

Friday Weather crap with scattered showers , but we did have a small window late Friday for some beach fishing , unfortunately , no result , not to worry no one else was catching any thing either

Saturday , Rain set in around 9.00pm Friday night being pushed along with a 15 - 20 knot Southerly. Did not ease up until mid morning Sunday , just in time to pack the car. :thumbdown:

Left 11.00am Sunday & arrived home , 2.00pm , again , in time for the rain to begin pissing down

But , a good weekend with the guy's , lot's of wine & even got to the club for a game of snooker on Saturday

Other than the weather , the down side being , the boat never left the trailer. not to worry , these things happen


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