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Hello all, swmbo ( she who must be obeyed ) here just saying a quick hello. My other half ( troutboy ) spends so much time on this site I thought I had better see what all the fuss is about. I must say that it is a great site full of good info and friendly people. Hopefully troutboy will take me for a fish soon and I can post some piccies for everyone :1fishing1: see ya s w m b o

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Welcome to the site SWMBO !! I love your nic , my :wife: is sometimes referred to as the MFW !! ( Minister For War !) :074::074:

A great way to meet all of these names that you have been reading about would be to come and join us at Cook Park at Sans Souci for the Flathead Social!! ( Plug , Plug !) :)

Details can be found in the Social Events Forum .


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