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Soft Plastic Snapper Session


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I finally got out for a serious UNI free soft plastic snapper session, unfortunately the wind was blowing 30+ but the fishing was amazing. All up we landed 4 keepers and good mate Shannon got smoked by 2 fish estimated at 6kg+ each.

It was a top day, and i am so glad UNI is over. I told you the snapper weren't safe anymore.

Catch ya later.

About 3.5kg


And another


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Glad you liked the report and pics lads :thumbup:

Haraka, i've got nothing to hide as i am still learning myself. What works well for me is the 5 inch gulp jerkshads in most colours however my favourite colour is 'sardine', the top fish came on the lime/tiger colour. I was fishing between 5-11 metres, and the retrieve was allowing the plastic to hit bottom and then giving it a few short sharp tweakes of the rod tip. There are no secrets really, you just have to experiment. :yahoo:


JB is fairly protected in the right conditions, however we were fishing into a very stiff SSeaster, luckily the wind was at our back.

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Thanks that sounds "easier" than I thought :) - It's just amazing how the gulps can produce such fish........

Sincerely appreciate the info - got something to go on now ... good luck out there and keep the reprots flowin'!

Hey Haraka, Just remember one thing "if you think you are fishing too shallow.......fish shallower" I have caught and lost fish in water as shallow as 3 metres. :05:

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