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Port Hinchinbrook And Gbr


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Well Raiders the time has finally come.

I fly out on Friday (10/11/06) for sunny warm Townsville for a week of fishing and :beersmile:

I've been hanging for this trip since the last time I did it which was in Nov 2004. We fly to Townsville then jump on a bus for the two hour trip north to Port Hinchinbrook. There we board the 70ft boat which will be our home for the next 7days. Once on board we motor east to Otter & Brittomart reefs on the GBR, about 80kms from the coast.

The fishing up there is hot to say the least. Last time I did it we caught huge Spanish Mackeral, Coral trout, Giant Trevally, sharks, sharks, sharks and bigger sharks.

Well off to pack my rods and sharpen my hooks. I'll post a full report and pics when I return.

Who's jealous??????

Don't talk about it just do it!


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I really dont care.......... Im happy fishing for bream and flatties in Sydney.



Good luck and look forward to the reports...... have a top trip mate.

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sounds ike a top trip mate how much is it costin u?!


The bloke who owns the boat is a mate who lives here in Sydney. He figures if you can afford a big boat you might aswell have it in some good teritory. With airfares to Townsville only $300 return.... thats chicken feed in the whole scheme of things.

Seriously this will make you jealous:

Airfare $300 return

Bus trip $70

Food/Desiel/Bait $200

Beer $100

Incidentals $100

Total Trip $790 or there abouts.

I pinch myself all thing time. A charter trip like this would be $2000 plus airfares. I know I'm on a good thing!

Friday can't come soon enough.


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Nathan , you should do well on the spaniards as there are still some big bruisers (25kg+) about. Fingermark are coming on the chew about now inshore. Enjoy the trip - weather up here is fantastic but wind starting to pick up a little - today at least.

Cheers Flea

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