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Hi all,

Im an avid lure user and spend most of my time spinning lures (as well as live baiting). Some may have seen the pics I have posted elsewhere of some of the poppers I have used and some new ones that will be getting a workout this season chasing kings and the like, so thought I would share some of them here (not all the different colours are in the pics).....




still waiting on some more skipping poppers on the way over from the US.....

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these turned up today courtesy of ebay...i guess you get what you pay for. Instead of split rings, the treble has the eye cut and is threaded onto the lure...so I will have to junk the trebles and put split rings on and some of my own trebles.


the red/white lure at the top was a strikeforce popper. Havent used the red/white mid sized halco roosta I have yet.

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Guest danielinbyron

bummer bout the dodgy terminatiom , make sure thats the only problem b4 ya waste some spli rings and vmc's on them ..ie they have a through wire from front to trebs... i haven't caught a thing on the extra large halcos i reckon you'd need to be on a school of big hungry fish for them to work...

but the mid size ones, i don't like fishing without them...

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The rest of the lure is fine....and wired ok..just stupid treble connection. On the big lures I use owner stn66 hooks.....Yeah not sure how the extra big halco will go. I reckon the skipping poppers will turn better results over summer but still think the halcos will and the other big cup faced ones will go ok. If not, doesnt matter will take them with me when I go north for a holiday. Im sure some GTs wont mind having a go at them.

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