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Hi Raiders.

This is my first post on the Fishraider Fishing Report Forum. Took the day off today (love the three day weekend) and with the :wife: at work and the day to my self thought i'd set out early to wet a line. Purchased myself a 16ft Carribean half-cabin with a 75hp Merc' on the back a coulpe of months ago but had limited chances to put it in the water so today was my first day solo which i've been looking forward to.

Put the boat in at ATB about 5.30am and set off on the journey up Cowan towards the mouth of the Hawkesbuy (great trip at that time of the day) Anchored up round the mouth of the Hawkesbury and dropped the berley bucket and let it do it's work while i prepared some bait. After 20mins of small bites and losing a few baits BANG!! the tip of my rod kisses the boat. After i nice little duel on my light gear i land a fat 34cm bream on a strip of cut up squid. The next hour or so ran hot, bagged another 3 keepers from 27 to 31cm on squid and prawn. Threw back another ten or so fish, even legal size ones (25-26cm)went back in as i'd bagged enough solid fish for a feed.

8am hit and all seemed to go quiet so I marked the spot on the GPS and headed for the sand flats in Cowan to toss some SP's i'd picked up last week, and get rid of the rest of the bait. Not much action on the flats but was sensational all the same kickin back with the radio on the feet up and a couple of sandwiches for breakfast flickin my SP's while sitting on my ass. A couple of bumps but nothing down after an hour or so. Thought it might be time to head back in and get a few things done. Put the SP's away and pick up the rod which i'd attached a small dead squid with the biggest hook i could find in my tackle box. Not even a full rotation into the retreat and BANG my drag lit up (the squid strikes again). It's like the fish was just sitting there with his nose against the bait staring at it! After a brief but exciting fight a nice fat flathead (my favourite table fish!!)of about 55cm gets scooped into the net after a vigorous head shake that i thought would bring me undone for sure, heart in mouth stuff! The perfect end to a perfect morning if you ask me, if only all days went the same!

Hope the post wasn't to long guys!



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I hate you as i sit here catching up on FR during work times........ :074:


Have you considered the anger management classes that I suggested for you??


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Nice little session there Costa.

It sure beats working eh?

Well done on the big lizard too. I bet your heart was in your mouth when the headshakes started. :1yikes:

Great first report and I hope you have many more.



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Namesay, you just stay in Middle Harbour. None of us other Raiders can afford for you to be fishing in any other location at this stage. Bloody hell, let you loose outside and there'll be no fish anywhere.


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Great Report Mate,

Puts me right on the water as I sit here 500ks from sydney and west of the ranges, keepem full of detail. You gotta love the early morning stuff up there, pitty the sp's didn't go off on the sand falts.

Looks like all you guys are finally getting some decent weather. Not a breath of wind here and about 28+ degrees. Hitting Split Rock Dam early tomorrow, hopefully for a cod or yellow. They are dumping the dam to 5% at the end of the month so we are expecting a big fish kill :bump0ee: . It's a huge shame as reports of cod upto 40lb are starting to filter in. Appears someone attempted a catch and release on a 110cm cod at Lake Keepit last week but he went belly up and was found floating a few hours later. The water situation here is desperate and Spilt Rock was only built as a backup for Lake Keepit, which is then let go to Narrabri. So after Nov it's about 3hrs to any Glenbawn :(

Hopefully some news tomorrow. :biggrin2:


Brian P.

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