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Stick Baits For Dollies


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This upcoming season i'm looking to try something new. I'm sure most of us fishos have caught Dolphin fish on Pillies and Squirted lures.

When we target them on Pillies we end up going through about 3 or 4 bags of Pillies so were are looking for a bit of a cheaper option. Soft plastics/ stick baits, I've had people recommend some brands to go with such as Mojos and Sluggos. Could anyone recommend how heavy my leader should be when using plastics and should it be normal nylon or go with Fluro carbon?

Just one other thing when livebaiting for kings where would be the best spot on the livie to place the hook I normally place it just near the shoulder of the bait but i've heard of placing them through the nose of the bait would be a better option especially if trolling them.

Many thankx,


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Hey mitch, last season i had a cracker session on dollies using stickbaits. The brand i used was Berkley 3" or 4" minnows in pearl blue or pearl watermelon and they went off!! Depending on how big the fish are, you vary your lure length up to 6-7 inches. Once again, line should depend on how big the fish are and i almost always use fluorocarbon with a minimum of 8lb.


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With the dollies and lures, 2 seasons ago we were fishing the fad out of Crookhaven and I decided to try one of my Bass lures it was Pink & Black which would dive about 15foot and the Dollies went crazy, it lasted about 4 fish and then the bid got smashed off. I reckon if they are on the bite they will take anything just try different things.


Osprey Rider.

I can't wait.

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