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Middle Harbour Sunday


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hi all

just a quick one

spent all sat night getting squid raised 10 then found a nice spot for a sleep

Woke to howling wind and clouds :thumbdown: tryed the new downrigger around middle harbour for no hits in 2 hours :05: tied of to a mooring at seaforth to cook some breaky had 3 live squid out and just as im goin to hammer down the first b/e roll the little penn sceams for its life a quick stumble over the bbq and esky and the hooks are set after a little panic as the king headed for the mooring rope he was turned and raised to the side of the boat and gaffed :thumbup: he went 84cm a pb for me.Tried the rest of the livies for zero returns .There where a lot of boats downrigging and every one a talked to didnt turn a reel :05:

cheers miller


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