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Fishing Nz Any Tips?

evan rude

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G'day im going to NZ for work in a couple of weeks and will be based at aukland and bay of islands. I heard the fishing there is great and just asking if anyone knows of good charter boats in these areas or just any tips in general would be great thanks.

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Check out any decent News agent - they should have the NZ Fishing News magazine - always a good read at the best of times. Or do a 'google.co.nz".

Here are a few websites worth looking at




http://www.seafriends.org.nz/images/fish.htm (for top underwater photos of NZ fish!)

There are plenty of choices available to you - just depends on how much money you want to spend.

There is plenty of land based fishing - Bay of Islands is famous for Marlin as well as bread & butter fish such as snapper, john dory etc. Go to the pub & chat with locals! You could be on a boat quick smart!

Auckland - Hauraki Gulf is a top fishing area - get over to Waiheke Island if you can - also great for fishing & magic spot. West coast beaches are spectacular & famous for kite fishing & snapper.



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hey roberta thanks for the help seems to be some big fish there. i cant wait to get stuck into some of those huge kings.


No worries - let us know how you get on! I intend going back again, maybe next year!

If you are into blackfish, they call them 'parore' over there & as they are not a targetted 'table' fish, they grow huge! 2kg plus in not unusual. You'd have them to yourself!

Also, trout fishing if you are into it - yes, there are trout in and around AUckland and one good lake up north (west of Bay of Islands.)



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