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I did my very first Black Marlin and never regretted it as I look back at it every day and still feel good :yahoo: It was done by Fred Montabello from Calalah Bay and he did a fantasic job of it as he does work for the Australian Museum.


Cheers Swordfisherman

that awsome stewy!! i want one...

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Fred actually did a Great White Shark many years ago for someone which I cannot remember and it was 6 mtrs long .He has a Sailfish mould on his wall at home and when you see it ,you think it actually will leap off the wall :1yikes: he is indeed a master at what he does :thumbup:

Cheers Stewy

How much does it cost to get something like that done???

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Guest johblow

Stewy thats amazing. Its amazing that fish can be stuffed and preserved. How the hell do they do it? How much of the internal structure remains? I always thought that big fish on peoples walls were plastic...

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