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Hi raiders!

I am interestin what kind rods and reels you use for bigger sea fish, when yo fishing whit boat? How heavy reels and rods, what kind lures.. ext?

I ask, because in here, somebody use lighter and somebody use more heavy staff for sea fishing in Norvay.

Like me, I have for shallow water (under 150m deep) 30- 50lbs rod, and reel is Abu Ambassador 10000 Big Game (355m /0.50mm line capacity) whit , pirks and jigs is 200g-600g heavy. Some peoples use only 20lb rods and reels whit 200m line capacity, and only 60-400g pirks and jigs. That is when fishes is usually 10-50kg,

Deeber water (over 150m deeb) i have rods 80-130lb and 50-80lb, reel is Okuma Titus 50 L, line is 37kg/700m. And i use pirks and jigs 400g-1200g. Some people use only 30-50lb rods and Abu Ambassador 10000 Big Game reel, and 300g-800g pirks and jigs, but usually thei not fishing over 300m deeb. From deeb you can get allmoste anything, like Greenland sharks, or some other monsters. :1fishing1: So many people not even fishing over 300m, i know only few people here.

So i am interesting hear, what kind staff you use, and have we anything similar :beersmile:

Jani from rainy Finland :1badmood:

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Guest danielinbyron

Hi.. Jani..

I think we fish quite differently here in that most our fishing is done in shallower water or at least toward the surface.. Hence if we were to use a titus 50l it would be more likely to have 1km of 24kg line or 15kg for Marlin or tuna wahoo maybe ...Deep sea jigging here is usually done in aim of amberjack or kingfish and a fish over 20kg is a rare sight.. So people usually use something that has the stopping power to deal with a fish that deep and the line capacity..ie a stellar or something like it or a trinidad.

this is of course a very general response to the question.. I have only seen pics of one of your monsrters and look forward to seeing more...

cheers d

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Like me, I have for shallow water (under 150m deep)

Shallow water :1yikes: ??? In my tinnie.......(dinghy) I'm lucky if I get 10 Metres deep :074:

Great to see you posting Jani, I look forward to more of you conquests :biggrin2:

I saw you Halibut post and it reminded me of Canada ( where I lived for 20 years)

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In Australia most fisherman would use either Shimano Tiagras or Penn Internationals for there Offshore Fishing.....Okuma's are not rated as quality Game gear here in Oz and are not used by many pros if any.

Depending on what your chasing would dependon the line class

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Now i can order KilWell rods to here. I think about what kind rods it is and how expensive? Do you know anything about that rods?

Kilwell Blanks are used for the Live Fibre rods over here.. Very good rods. I think. (Have 7 of them)

Make sure you get composite blanks though. Not fibreglass ones.

Good tips. Lots of power mid range. and Good lock up. Lower than a lot of rods. (Strokers) Which makes them better for bottom dropping..Easier on your back.

I'm starting to use some of these Japanese Jigging rods lately. For bottom dropping. A bit expensive. But. Nothing else in same class in Australia...Apart from a few Yank ones. Which still aren't as good.

Shimano T Curve 400 Jigger not bad. But Daiwa Catalina. and other serious jap ones leave them.....

Send me email. I'll give you a coupla contacts for rods etc. Shipping worldwide



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