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Problem With A Trailer Hub Very Luck To Get Home


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Hi All

Was very lucky today, home from fishing, 45min drive formt he ramp, last turn in the deadend and parked, get out and one wheel is skewed on the hub.

Only 1 wheel nut left and 3 studs sheared off.

Have bearing buddies and the trailer was serviced 2wks ago

Any ideas as i will have to discuss it witht eh Mech tomorrow.



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Mate to shear those off like that I'd suggest they may have been done up too tight???

Rattle guns run of big air compressors can mangle wheel studs and nuts if care is not taken.

Just a guess of course. Not really sure.

Hope you get it sorted out.



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Looks like wheel nuts were not done up properly mate.

Possibly after service.?

Heard of this before - did they use a rattle gun? should always tighten with a wrench - very lucky it wasn't worse.

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Probably to loose and very unlikley where checked when they where dropped on the ground.

Also as others have said

over tightening may cause this also but if there was rust in the stud it may have contributed

to failure but the core looks intact of the stud.

I hope your disc are easier then mine to get off.

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^^^ glad you had a happy ending! the amount of trailers i see with seised bearings or snaped studs is unbeliveable..lol! remember a little preventative maintanaice goes along way! putting exposed metal parts into salt water then letting them sit there for god knows how long then driving them isnt the best..lol i wonder how many boat trailers i will see on the side of the road these summer holidays...

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