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Fitting A "new" Sounder


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hey raiders,

just purchased my self a new sounder and i dont have a clue how im going to fit it..

being transducer placement ect ect..

does any1 recommend some1 i can get to install it for me?

i live in south west syd...

any help would be great

thanks in advanced guys

cheers steve :1fishing1:

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I just installed mine yesterday and it is very simple….although I haven’t tested it on water so hopefully I’m not speaking too soon.

Make sure the transducer is in between the strakes of your boat so it is sitting in clear water away from the prop.

In terms of how deep to put it….get a ruler and line it up on the underside of the boat. The centre of the transducer should be about 10mm below the bottom of the boat.

You will need to drill a hole in the back for the transducer cable, whack on your cable cover and patch it all up with sikaflex.

Only two wires you will need to connect…try to get a direct connection to your battery or switch to avoid interference or power surges.

Couple of holes to mount your head unit and that’s it.

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