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Lb Bass? Possible?


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Hey guys,

Firstly, great site guys, I'm a long time watcher, first time poster in this section of the forum.

Just wondering if/where it is possible to land a bass from the shore. I am desperate to land my first bass this summer, so ANY bass of ANY size would do, but unfortunately I am restricted to land based fishing. Or alternatively, would you guys happen to know where I can hire a Kayak?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Byron :1fishing1:

PS. If anyone is up for a fish I'm free practically every day (uni holidays), just give me a PM.

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2 spots worth a try are parramatta lake and nepean river (near the wier) but anywhere along the river where you can get shore access is worth a try. I mention the weir because there is a large area you can work if lure casting.

i used to fish parramatta lake from the north side (opposite the park/picnic area). have a look at a road map... shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

hope this helps. haven't fished for the bass for a while though. I hear you can get a bass or two in lane cove national park but am unsure about your chances of finding good lb access.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the help. I am located north around Ryde, but I have a car and can travel anywhere basically.

I will definitely check out the weir on the Nepean, might check out LCR as well, thanks choad.

I have bought plenty of topwater and deep water lures, and I'm dying to try em out, just needed a place to start =)

thanks again,


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Hi Byron

My first bass ever was from the shoreline & I thought I was snagged, until it started to move! It was a whopper - 50cm to the tip of its tail! Mind you, I was using yabbies! I have only gone 'down' is size since then. That was a few years ago at Lake Glenbawn. Less water there now, but that means the fish are just more concentrated in a smaller area!

Perhaps we should have a bass social up there one weekend??



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