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When Did You Start Fishing? Why - When - How!


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Hey guys,

Just a bit bored at work. So thought I'll start a new topic!

I started fishing when i was around 12. Don't really know why as no one in my family is into it.

I think it all started when I use to walk around ***** and see all the rods around. I bought one of those $14 rod and reel packages!

I had no idea about fishing, i started off in parramatta river :1fishing1: hahaha! Never caught a thing as i didnt even had bait on my hook!

Eventually start collecting the fishing encyclopedia and my knowledge grew and the day i caught my first 20cm bream in lake Cathie :tease: I was over the moon!!

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i fished when i was a kid (we had a caravan at kiama)

but only got serious when i was 18 working up the mountains.

one day i got invited rock fishing after work with some of the cheffs from the place i worked at. so i stopped of at the bass angler on my way up the mountain and got a dodgy rod called fish bones and a bunch of lures

i was heaps early for work so went to wentworth falls lake and cast every weird ass lure i just purchased. the last one was a tassie devil and one the third cast.....i got nailed by a monster brown trout

ever since that day i was hooked ... i purchased a boat 1 month later and hooked in some bonito and salmon in botany bay (even more hooked)

i wonder what my life would be like if i didnt get that trout though...id probably have heaps more money in the bank!!!! but less memories.

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Well i started very young, about 8, used to go with my older cousins, but never too seriously, just a casual fish here and there chasing little bream, snapper etc.

Then throughout my teens went for the occasional rock and beach fish but only once a blue moon.

When i got to my twenties my mates got ino fishing a bit more but i was too interested in women so i didnt go too much.

The a few years back i got married, dying of boredom my mate said come for a fish so i said yes, he took me to a landbased spot of the rocks, (that we walked in pitch darknessfor 1 hour to get too)....we got there and fished with floats...we caught over 50 fish...Tailor, Trevs and salmon.....all around 50cm...which at the time was massive for me....then my obession started.

We went there every week and then a few months later me and that mate bought a boat together and started to target kings...he already knew some charter operators who helped us out alot and i landed my first king... The rest is history

Now fishing is a major part of my life as i imagine it is for most members...

Have a new boat....Looking at buying another one soon....have spent thousands on tackle...from little slades to tiagras....Wife is really understanding and lets me fish as often as i like without busting my balls so long as i dont spend too much money ( see thinks my 50w on a t-curve cost me $400 Complete).

Great hobby.....

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I started fishing at about 5. I can remember going to Flat Rock, in MH with my older brother and then onto Killarney Point (circa 1973) In those days you could just go down to Killarney Wharf from Killarney Drive but, had to chance a butt in the bum from the two nanny goats that used to chase us down to the wharf and raid our bags for sandwhiches :( . We got smart and used to pack a decoy sanga to drop as we ran. Only problem was when they'd had that they still came after us. Used to be so scared of those bloody goats :mad3: . Caught my first yakka, taylor, bream, flattie, blue swimmer, leahter jacket, green sea turtle (he just kept swimming), salmon, lost a kingie and never caught a jew (off the wharf). Saw my first dolphin and real live shark. On a big high tide when you had your legs over the wharf you could sometimes dip your feet onto the top of the water. One day there where a huge amount of big bull mullet under the wharf and they all scattered. Next thing about 3 smallish sharks (looked huge to us) came darting in and out from under the wharf, never dipped my feet again :1yikes: . The 3 O'clock ferry, which still runs, used to come past and there was always about 6 of us. We'd all wave and then jump up and give it a big "moon" (that was when we got a bit older) I still laugh about it when I see it comming into the MH. :074:

I still reckon that it was one of the best places in the world to grow up as a kid. We all progressed to 12ft tinnies and used to spend endless days at Bantry Bay in the ammo dump camping in the sheds and up the end of MH near Carrols Creek. Some rippa breaming from there as well.

I still regularly fish with my mates from those days and we forged the best friendships anyone could ask for. I guess that's what fishing can be all about, Mates.( and catching a fish bigger than your mates, of course) :thumbup:


Brian P.

Great choice of topic!

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Growing up in port macquarie its pretty much just a standard run of the mill thing that you do, water everywhere, plenty of fish to catch, why not hey....also have a dam on our farm full of silver perch which we put in there which are pretty fun to catch if your bored....

I sought of stopped fishing around the 16 to 21 year old mark as i was more interested in chasing skirt than fishing...but now have gotten right back into it..

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I still regularly fish with my mates from those days and we forged the best friendships anyone could ask for. I guess that's what fishing can be all about, Mates.( and catching a fish bigger than your mates, of course) :thumbup:

Totally agree!!

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Started out fishing before i can remember. Dad and i used to fish for yakkas and leatheries off sydney wharfs. Great beginners grounding. Years later i am so addicted to fishing i almost comprimise my relationship every weekend!!!

Two tears in a bucket.... f#$% it

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