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Help With Jewies


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I have been asked to go fishing for jewies in a couple of weeks, land based in Woy Woy area. It has been a lot of years since I have actively sought to catch jewies and thus am looking for some tips on rigs baits etc.

I have been told that we can catch fresh squid from the area??? but I am not wanting to rely totally on that and so thought some frozen might be worth the go. I also will try and catch yackas and such from nearby wharf for live bait.

Can anyone assist in suggested rigs? e.g.

should I set one bait down and suspend another under a float?

Is it a bit like the elusive hairtail and attracted to chemical lights?

How long a trace and what strength?

What size hook/s and set up?

Any help greatly appreciated.



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I am most certainly not an expert but i am pretty sure of one thing - dont use frozen squid!!!

I am rigged with 20lb with about a 1.5m 30lb trace.

I usually have a running bean sinker and a 4/0 - 6/0 hook depending on the bait.

As I said I'm no expert but I have caught jews on that simple rig.


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I will also use frozen squid, but it is squid I have caught and frozen myself (as oppsed to the servo variety). Squid can be caught from woy Woy wharf of a night but most guys have almost given up as they generally get netted in Broken bay before they get into Brisbane waters>


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