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Does Anyone Know About The Accurate Reels


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I was going through a old box at home ,and found this reel

that i bought off a family friend years ago.

It is a accurate 500 i think .it is based on the old penn reels but this thing looks like a full custom.

This thing is smoooooooooth in all operations

Would anyone know more about it.

That is accuarte information


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Hi Johno

I have been looking at the Accurate reels for a while now.

The company started literally in aerospace, so their machining is in microns. The family business was doing very well and are mad fisho's so they startted usig some of there super tooling to manufacture high quality componements for Penn reels, side plates, improved drags, handles etc etc.

Your reel is an accurate upgrade Penn, they are seriously improved pieces of kit.

The Accurate reels themselves are now being produced as a brand and are also so smooth and finly machined it is stupid :)

Prob here is that there is one importer and he is in Nth Queensland. So servicing etc can b a problem.

But what u have there is a good reel that has been upgraded to a great reel.



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From what I have seen , Accurate reels are pretty good. I was tossing up between an eggbeater from them or a saltiga, but in Sydney hard to find those reels. Dont know much about the one you have (wish I found reels like that at home too) but I dont think you will be disapointed.

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I had a similar experience with a reel that was given to me by my late Father in Law a few years back.

It's a Pfleuger Sea King still in the box.

Anyone know much about them?

I have never spooled it or used it but might give it a crank one of these days..

I would love to know if they were good reels or just so-so.



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