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Idle To High .need Help Fast


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hello there fellow :1fishing1:

ive got a early 90's johnson 140hp , when i start it up in the water it idles ok but when you take off and then return to idle it idles way to fast ??????

i know im doing something wrong and when it got fitted i fitted all the controls myself. ooppsss

can some one please tell me or show me how to fix it, as it was running perfect before i put it on my boat, i live in roselands but can tow the boat anywhere in south sydney, i contacted my boat mechanic who said ( good luck trying to get it fixed b4 x-mas) . and im taking the boat down the coast on sat and sunday and then im off up to the entrance early jan 06.

please some one show me or tell me how to fix it

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Have you thought that it might be the throttle cables/linkages are not returning to the home (idle) position when you throttle back.

Maybe something there is worn, out of adjustment, needs some grease or a spring has lost its tension?

Just get a mate to move the throttle cable forwards and backwards and watch all the linkages under the cowl to make sure that are doing what they should.

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I take it you tested the throttle unit fitted to this motor on another boat and it was working OK

You have now fitted it to your boat and it won't return to idle after you have used the throttle

after warm up

This shows that the problem should be in the fit up of the throttle unit and cable

For a fingers crossed quick hopeful fix try resetting the cable adjustment, hook up the hose and

run the motor check for airleaks while your there and see if the problems fixed

If the problem still exists you will have to go back to basics and go through the process of

elimination as per the next part of this post

To confirm this you will need to disconnect the throttle cable from the motor and check the

throttle responce for free action and to see if the return spring/s are working and connected

if this is OK then you should hook the hose to the motor and run it, pick up the revs after a

warm up period and check the throttle return also check for any airleaks around the carbies

if all checks OK go to the throttle unit

make sure it works freely before reconnecting the cable to the motor

If it feels sticky when worked check for any pinch marks on the cable, if its all OK then lube

the cable and reconnect adjust so there is a little preload when in the idle position this should

make sure it returns all the way

I'll PM you my mobile number and you can call me if you need any help

I'm just up the road at Bankstown so if your still in trouble I can drop by

regards Chris

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