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Man Serious After Hit By Jetski


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Man serious after hit by jetski

A MAN was seriously injured when a jetski slammed into him as he sat in the back of a boat at Melton Weir west of Melbourne.

The 36-year-old Hillside man suffered severe head injuries when a jetskier who tried to use the boat's wake to launch his craft miscalculated and hit him.

Police said the man was sitting at the backed of the boat as it pulled into shore when the incident happened about 4pm (AEDT) yesterday.

The jetskier fled.

The injured man was taken Royal Melbourne Hospital in serious condition.

Senior Constable Shane Marsden said today the man on the boat was fortunate.

"I think if it hadn't have hit his shoulder first ... it could have been a lot worse."

Sen Constable said the jetskier's actions were "careless and silly" and if caught, he faced being charged with reckless conduct endangering life and several boating offences.

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Jet skiers shit me to tears! they really make me concern for the safety of others and my own, the way they carry on in the 4 knot zone around the boat ramp at cooks river, its only a matter of time before they kill themselves or someone else!

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there were thosands up at Forster - nothing spoils a relaxing fishing session quicker than a blowfly on a jetski or a hoon in a wakeboat :mad3:

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Disgusting! Absolutel criminal behaviour - just like the dork that sunk the boat up here & took off! Also illegal - I thought they had to be 30m from other craft? Not to mention just plain stupid. Jet skiers really are brain-dead - I think they believe that everyone is watching them in awe, not disgust! They take delight in annoying fisherfolk on the breakwall here.

"Look at me" syndrome, I call it!



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