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My New Boat


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Finally I have it in my hands. Still have to decide on a name though.

I am looking forward to seeing fellow fishraiders out on the Bay and beyond.

Have fitted:

Furuno 585

Course master auotpilot

Navman GPS

VHF & 27mhz

Deck wash


Trim tabs

Also decided to get breakaway system fitted to trailer

I will add some more photos when she is in battle dress with outriggers.



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Geesus Man I really hate your guts :ranting2: LOL I been droolin over this boat for 2 years but I am not allowed to get one( the minister of finances has put her foot down :mad3: ) Could I impose and ask what it cost,and also what are the specs(apart from length 6.4, beam, motor, weight, included accessories ect.)can you explain the breakaway system on the trailer?? Whats wrong with the name "WHITECAPS" It's an easy name for a triple repeat over the radio?. I have a signwriter mate who I can get to cut out your name in stick-on vinyl to your specifications ,BUT it will cost you a ride on the dream boat LOL .E-mail me and I will arrange. Anyway all the best and a great choice of boat.


Gary (hounddog)

PS* Im gonna still hate ya guts till you take me for a run on the "Dream Machine"

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Thanks evryone for your kind words, yeah it is more than likely I will stick with Whitecaps as the name.

Johnno I wish I was out yesterday but alas I only picked it up @ 2.00pm. I cant even get out this weekend as I am working.

Hounddog Your looking around the 75-80k to get one on these with the same specs, however you dont have to have the breakaway system this is an additional 4-5k. You a breakaway fitted on anything over 2 tonnes, the Barcrusher comes in at 1900kg I had it weighbridged, but when you add 300 litres of fuel and all my gear it will be over the 2 tonne mark and I cetainly dont want to risk something that heavy getting away from me.

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Hey Mark

Dragging up an old thread here I know, but I'm sure you don't mind talking about your awesome tub!

I checked a few threads & pics but can't seem to see what HP you got on it?

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Chris is right got a Yammie 150 4 stroke on the back, flat out full of gear and 300 litres of fuel 38.5 knots. Economy is pretty good as well over 2 trips I have done 342 kilometres using 185 litres of fuel.

ETTY The only thing I am not happy with is my Navman VHF which is going :gun_bandana: and will be replaced with an Icom.

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Guest lets go fishn

I know it might be a bit late but Congrats on your new purchase :thumbup:

They are a mean lookn boat and have a good reputation on the water.

Happy fishn mate :1fishing1:

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