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Rodholder Idea For Downrigger?


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Im after some ideas to put in a rodholder for my downrigger, therefore preferably an angled metal one.

At the moment I have got a cheap plastic one (see pic) but im going to remove it, as it is useless for downrigging.

So if anyone has any ideas, it would be muchly appreciated. :thumbup:

Thanks Shaun


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Hi Shaun,

Very tight spot in there.

Bais have Surface Mount Stainless Rod Holders that you may be able to use in that situation ($17.95)

I got some that i used on a rocket laucher (failed) now have recycled them to use as rod storage on my boat.


You may have to mount on an angle with the top being flush with the top of your gunnel.

Only problem i see with it is that the rod-holders have plastic mounts - but thet should be ok for your application.

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Heres mine,

rod holder came with the downrigger,



thats the same as mine, but i have read that others don't like to trust the holder on the riggers. They say they are too weak.

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I have the same scotty downrigger and have caught a few decent fish using the rod holder on the downrigger. As long as you don't set the drag on your reel to sunset you should be fine. Strike setting's on your rod won't rip it out the holder or break it, BUT i will probably put a teather on the downrigger around my rod just in case.....the rod is over the side of the boat when it is in the rod holder on the downrigger!!


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I have seen the Rigger mounted rod holder snap before so i would definately not trust that....

Its normally best to mount a holder 40cm behind the rigger


When you say behind the rigger, are you saying closer to the transom?

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DOn't trust that holder on the downrigger...not for kings anyway. You'll end up with tears. It will be OK for a while but sooner or later your outfit will end up in the drink, along with a portion of your downrigger!!!

What Netic suggest is ideal but sometimes you can fudge it a bit and mount the rod holder inline with the downrigger. You need to find a hard point somewhere in the boat where a rod holder can be mounted and then mount it there so that the rod is at an angle and not straight up and down. This will high stick your rod on strike and ít will break in no time!

I broke a daiwa rod ( bloody expensive ) when I left it on a vertical rod holder while cleaning up my brother's after effects of seasickness. The line on the rod was wound up almost to the surface but not right up.IT had a bit of squid strip on it and a small kingie took the bait and BANG the rod snapped! You learn the hard way. Cheers Kelvin

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