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blue marlin

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I'm sorry to be the one to dowse the flames here but keeping salt-water species like that (catching for the intent of aqauarium use) is generally only allowed by a special license and it was way way too hard to obtain as an individual as I experienced. Of course this is advocating the legal approach.

As far as keeping them in a tank, surge system will be required (device/pumps set up to mimic different surge and flow patterns in the tank), length of the tank and depth is important, depth dispenses light so you might need to spend up to MH lights or the like...as mentioned lots of water changes, best filter would be a wet/dry, you'll need a protein skimmer and uv steriliser (a canister filter helping the wet/dry wouldn't go astray here)..the more water you have the less work in changing but it increases upkeep.

sorry dude i couldn't tell you the space required by these fish to grow to a decent size, a 6x2x2 kind of got me a half decent barra but took years


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Hey bud,

I do have a salt-water fish tank but its got more tropical species in it and those typically not recreational fish, aswell as corals.

Actually you are allowed to keep these types of fish in a fish tank for your own usage, as i emailed fisheries about this months ago and they said that for personal use, the capture of fish is permitted. However im not sure about whether the legal lengths are applicable, but im pretty sure they would be.

To keep bream and flathead you would need a very large tank with vigorous filtration to keep them alive, as they get very large, produce lots and lots of waste and are normally always swimming, moving and looking for food.

Good Luck with it all!!

The Guru

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