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Close Encounter With A Jew Whilst Blackfishing!


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Hi Guys

Got up early at 6.30am (well, early for me!) to try & get the last of the runout at my favourite spot in Tuncurry whilst my other half was running along Nine Mile Beach - missed it big time, so went along the wall, past the yellow pole to have a go at blackfishing there as the back eddy continues going 'out' for some time, even tho the tide is bolting in!

I was half-heartedly throwing the weed around, not really expecting anything, when I detected a bite. Standing up, to get a better view of it & a better angle to the float, it dipped. As I struck, I simultaneously saw something large & white move along the wall, right at my feet. Essentially I thought - Oh no, not a stingray, but it was the wrong shape - hope it doesn't take my bait, then Whammo - my rod doubled over and the white thing took off under the rocks. This was only in about 10ft of water. There was stacks of sand clouding the water up & it was right on the edge of the sandy water/clear water that it struck.

My 6lb leader didn't stand a chance & then I was just worried about losing my float on the 20lb line! It was all over in about 2 seconds - both my hooks were busted off at once but at least I still had my float.

I was sitting there in stunned silence, contemplating what had happened, when a bloke came & sat next to me & asked if there was any action. He was a regular jew fisher & after explaining what happened, he reckons it would have been jew.

I reckon it would have come over to check out the struggling blackie that had dipped the float & then got caught up in the 2nd hook on my rig. Both hook rigs got busted off. I could feel the big fish pulling like mad, before the 6lb line gave way. I have had a jewie attack one of my blackies before, but on Forster side.

Being logical, a stingray would be on the bottom scrounging for food/fish scraps, not feeding mid water & going for a bit of weed.

Then I re-rigged & fished between the yellow pole & the pool net, got one decent down, but I reckon I pulled it out of its mouth! Must have seen 20 decent sized blackies patrolling the wall. There are some monsters along the edge there - but they are very educated and wary!

I will go back tomorrow and Tues mornings to have another go over there!



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Guest danielinbyron

i had a similar one last year with tailor ... getting tailor every cast then they stopped ... wierd ... changed lures then to small got a small tailor about 3 secs later watched a jew hit it , another second later watched a shark jump in ..dropped my tip saw silver bronze siver bronze ... a few secs later retrieved my blade no fish... got my heart rate up but.. tuff life bein a fish i reckon.. its all on all the time for them ..

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