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Forster Blackies


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Hi guys

Was excited after yesterday's effort and was up bright & early this morning, to make sure I got the end of the run out tide! Nothing happened till it turned!! Isn't it always the way??

Threw in a bit of berley as well (normally don't really have to!) and then caught 3 fish in a row! All were 25cm but I put them back. Next one was closer to 30cm so kept him, then a couple of more throwbacks (25cm) then 2 nice fat 30cm ones that went into the bucket, too! Gee they really fight well above their weight! I was sure they would be bigger! Had one hit that really took off - then got off! I saw a fairly large, black drummer skulking away into the weed! Darn it.

A cormorant pinched one of my fish - the float dipped, I felt some weight, then I see a cormorant surface with my fish in its mouth! Naughty!

Went around to the yellow pole again - lots of big ones swimming around but not taking anything! Saw a good sized flattie glide across the weed before disappearing amongst the rocks. You could clearly see the blue bar on his tail.

Those that know Forster of old will be pleased to hear that THE BLACK BOAT IS BACK AT TUNCURRY!! It went off for 'survey' about 5 years ago & has now returned. It was always the 'preferred spot' for a certain number of 'blackfishing old fellas' & woe betide anyone that got there before them! They were the ones that gave me the assumption that you had to be 'old & grumpy' to fish for blackfish! I find it a bit 'tame' fishing the boats - plus the ropes get in the way! But, that said, you get some great fish there & don't have to clamber down the rocks to get there!

Cheerio for now


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Roberta, It's getting closer, we will be there Friday for a week or so, keep those reports coming, 'specially the ones where you catch something.

Looking forward to "hooking in".

And a big well done on your latest report.


Geoff :thumbup:

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