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Sydney Harbour


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Hi All

I hope there will be someoneout there who can help with thisone.

I'm planning on going out in the harbour on Friday or Saturday but not sure where to put the boat in, usually we put it in a Gladesville & motor up towards the Harbour, but that seems like a long driv if we can put it in closer.

Any suggestions would be greatly received



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where abouts were u goin to fish?

if your looking to go closer to the heads id suggest rosebay or northbridge for middle harbour (spit), from what ive looked at on the maps. take a look at the boating maps on the waterways site

i myself will be taking out the tinny for the first time, duno wether launching will be a breeze or not..but see how we go :1prop:

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the absolute closest to the heads is the little manly boat ramp. It has crap facilities and no parking .... just a suggestion if you want the closest to the heads!!

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Rose Bay is a quality ramp.....in regards to being closest to the heads i didnt even see him ask for that info.

Rose Bay is a double Laned ramp with a quality jetty

Tunks Park or Northbridge isnt the best ramp, Great quality Parking but the surface isnt the greatest where rose bay has the squared concrete tiles, The concrete at tunks also drops off at low tide and the surface is very uneven, Rose bay is closer to the heads because you don't have to worry about the 8 Knot Zone through the spit area which does waste alot of time.

If your plans are to fish the harbour i would recommend Rose Bay cause as soon as you launch your in the harbour and ready to fish, At tunks you launch in Middle Harbour and have to make a trip to the main harbour.

Also if your fishing the harbour, It is a much easier to come back back to the ramp at rose bay then it is at tunks, aswe all know the harbour gets pretty rough from midday on when all the yachts come out.

GOing past Middle Head can get uncomfortable at times where as if you launch from rose bay its pretty much calm all the way back to the ramp.

Hope that helps

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I launched at Rose bay on Sunday the grade of the ramp at the water is really good and

i enjoyed launching there.

And only a couple of minutes over to Clifton gardens.

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Sorry guys, .

I did not not mean Tunks was closer than Rose bay, I meant that it was closer than Gladesville.

Unfortunately some times in threaded forums as you are typing a reply some one else can repond with out you seeing it.

Sorry for the confusion.



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