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First of all just want to say what a fantastic site this is !!

secondly sorry about the late post but here goes...headed out to botany bay on saturday morning 23/1 at 4am. fished under Tom Ugly's bridge for nothing !! Moved to Captain Cook bridge after an hour or so for the same result.

decided to drift from Doll's Point back towards Cpt Cook. first cast-nice bream-29cm my personal best. Yeehaa!!

next cast...baby hammerhead shark :1yikes: . are they common in the bay ? this one measured in at 45cm.

spent the next 2.5 hours drifting near the bridge for a few undersize bream & snapper.

all in all not a bad day out. (just good to be on the water)

p.s still trying to work out how to post pics!!

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Guest IFishSick.

Go to the "Fishing Chat" section and at the top there should be a helpful topic.

A baby hammerhead you say? Nice little suprise for the day! :1prop:

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welcome to fishraider steve-o nice little hammer there mate did u make sure he had a good look at ur face b4 u let him go, u want to make sure he remembers u down the track...just incase u fall in the drink hehehehe.....welcome mate and good report..... :1prop:



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