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cheers fellars


i should have a report tommorow mate i am heading out tommorrow to the traps and fad off port to see if any dolphin fish


mate i heard about this site through akff,a kayak site im on i also have a hobie kayak .what sort of fish do you chase ben and where do you mainly fish


did alright last year with the reds mainly chase them in winter in the summer months i go out wide chasing pelagics

cheers mik

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G,day Mik.

:1welcomeani: To the site, I also live in the area at Dapto and do most of my fishing around the Islands, on the rare occasion I venture out to the fad and wave rider bouy chasing Dollies but really have to pick my days in 4.55.

As for the traps I did hear from a local pro that the traps were removed the middle of last year, apparently for good.

I hope to see you at the ramp or on the water, and look forward to reading some reports. If your ever out and see a white polly front runner named StessLess, the name is Lew give us a call on the radio or come up and say G,day. :thumbup::thumbup:

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