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Cowan Creek

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Fished upper Cowan Creek today out of the canoe using SPs with mixed results.

Between a mate and I we caught 8 flathead to abt 1kg, and 6 stud whiting. Only managed to hook 1 bream (target species) which I lost at the net. Never had such a good day on whiting before or done so poorly on bream????? That's fishing!!!!

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Guest fishrunner

Sounds like a good day's fishin there :biggrin2:

I had simiar probs with quite alot of whiting on plastics whilst chasin bream a few weeks ago, I was using the 3 inch fry's and the whiting were all over em :biggrin2: The bream couldn't get anywhere near em :074:

Were you using similar?

Good luck on the bream front next time

cheers :beersmile:

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We were using an assortment of SPs but they were going crazy on 2" gulp minnows, and 2" k grubs.

I changed over to 3" Squidgy bugs to try and avoid them and copped a whiting abt 40cm. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining as the fishing was fast and furious just out of the ordinary.

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