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Clifton Gardens - 28/01/07

Fishing Guru

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Hey guys,

Headed out for a underwater - fish at Bare Island only to be greeted by a 4ft sea :mad3:

The water was murky and I could not see past my nose :05:

The only thing left to do was try for a line fish... With all the reports at clifton gardens for kings and good fishing, me and a mate decided it was worth a shot!

Made our way to clifton without bait... only to find that there were no bait shops on the side of the road... :mad3:

To the SEAFOOD SHOP!!! We bought 1kg of fresh Calamari Rings for bait and we ready to go.

Headed down to the wharf to be greeted by hundreds of people, and about 10 other people fishing.

Action was slow and didn't get a bite on SP's, squid or squid jigs. What time do you guys normally fish the place and what spot on the wharf is the best?


The Guru

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Gday mate, i was also down there,(where were you?)

Today was unusally slow, only saw a couple of 10cm snaper landed

Although i did manage to hook a king, he took me around the pole, not much you can do about that on 6lb

Normally the front section where most of the people are is the best but, you can catch good fish form the whole place, i have seen bonnito and salmon in 2ft of water there.


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G'day guys

I gave the harbour a shot this morning as well. Very quiet.

It was a bit more windy than I had expected.

Had bought squid, SP's and caught some yakka's (can't seem to manage a squid to save myself) and tried a few spots. No takers...

Something took off with one of my livies, but didn't manage to hook up. :1badmood: Still, it's good fun to hear the action as the reel starts to sing....

Today was a day where I simply gained more valuable experience!! Oh well, I coulda been workin....

Do kingies go off the bit when its windy??

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"Today was a day where I simply gained more valuable experience!! Oh well, I coulda been workin...."

That's the way to look at it! Every trip is opportunity to learn regardless of your "success". Hope you get onto them soon.

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Calamari Rings :074: I use to know people who fished with cooked prawns so they could eat as they fished.

Mr Dal and I were there too but we were in a boat just out the front. I caught a kingy on a prawn just a smidgen under legal.

Full report on our day to come.

We should all wear a sign :biggrin2:

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